Local Man Arrested on Suspicion of Shoplifting

Phillips, seen above, is provided with complimentary transportation to the Butte County Jail after Oroville Police and Raley’s employees say he stole over $200 worth of groceries from the local supermarket Friday night.

by Giorgio Gonzalez

21-year old Oroville resident Adam Phillips, according to Oroville Police and store employees, took a fully loaded shopping cart through the self-checkout line of the Raley’s supermarket at 9:43PM on Friday, March 14th, bagging up an estimated $200 worth of items and heading out the door, missing the crucial step of paying for his groceries.

“He didn’t even attempt to pay for anything,” said one Oroville Police officer who spoke to store employees who witnessed the apparent brazen shoplifting.

Employees caught up with Phillips on Mitchell Avenue, where they were able to take back the cart, but not before he allegedly took several bags of items and continued walking East towards the Oroville Sports Club.

Police intercepted Phillips in the Rite-Aid parking lot, where they recovered the few unaccounted for bags of groceries, and took the man into custody on one count of 490.5pc, shoplifting.