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by Christopher Logue II

A motorcyclist was killed at approximately 6:52PM on Friday, March 14th on Cherokee Road off of Highway 70, when he was crushed beneath a GMC Sierra Extended Cab pickup truck after apparently sliding into the wrong lane.

The California Highway Patrol is being tight-lipped about details, and has not yet released the man’s name pending family notification, but according to one CHP Sergeant on the scene the collision apparently occurred after the motorcyclist rounded a blind curve headed downhill on Cherokee towards the highway. CHP suspects that the man was already in the middle of crash, sliding into the oncoming lane and into the path of the GMC, occupied by a family of four.

Unable to react in time to avoid running over the man and motorcycle, the pickup crushed both, trapping the man underneath. A volunteer firefighter arrived at the scene by happenstance, say CHP, and despite attempts to extricate the man from beneath the truck, the man soon succumbed to his injuries.

Cherokee Road was closed for over an hour while CHP examined the scene and the man’s body was removed. The pickup was taken into evidence, and further details are expected to come out after CHP concludes its investigation into the fatal incident.